Step 1: Contact Me
In order to start, this is most important ;) - Email me and/or fill out my Custom Commission Inquiry Form or Call 540-524-2764.

Step 2: Concept
I will take your answers from my Inquiry Form, ideas, inspirations, drawings, images and all materials to be used, and work together (in person is best) with you to create your original custom design(s).

Step 3: Quote
I will put together an estimated price quote based on your design concept(s). For original custom jewelry, this will include choice of metals, gemstones, and specific details about other materials to be used. For original in-relief architectural tiles this will include materials, complexity, size and whether it will be installed or free hanging.

Step 4: Approval / Design
Once your design concept has been finalized and an order placed with deposit paid, I will start creating your handcrafted custom piece either directly in metal or wax model. Throughout the development of your order whether jewelry or tile, I will send you images for you to approve or request modifications to your design.

Step 5: Final Approval and Completion
This is the especially fun one! I recommend that you see your custom handcrafted piece(s) in person (to try on for size and proper fit, in particular custom rings) and to make sure the piece complements your lifestyle and your personal style. Upon your final approval:
Jewelry- Your piece will be cast (if applicable). Your gemstones/other materials will be set (if applicable). Then your original handcrafted pieces will be polished to perfection.
In-Relief Architectural Tiles- The colors will be refined to your taste, ready the piece for installation or hanging and sealed with a clear enamel.
Your finished piece will be carefully inspected one last time, photographed, signed by Sarah EK Muse, and mindfully gift-wrapped, ready for the big reveal. Your package is then ready for pick-up, shipping, delivery and/or installation.

If you have any questions or want to connect with me to start designing your very own original custom commission, Click the Button below to Get Started!

Welcome to Your Custom design Journey

As a jeweler, designer, metalsmith, I love creating original custom designed pieces that are meaningful and unique to YOU, a collective vision that becomes part of your personal story while providing quality craftsmanship and style.

Creating a custom designed commission is a collaboration, a step-by-step creative partnership, an imaginative narrative so to speak, between You and me, typically taking a span of six- twelve weeks, depending on complexity, from concept to completion.

Whether it be a re-design or newly designed piece of jewelry that resonates as an heirloom celebrating YOU, to be cherished for generations to come,  or...  an original hand-hammered in-relief architectural tile that harmonizes with your space and accentuates your design sensibility,  I am always honored to share in this journey.

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The 5 Steps to Your Original Custom Designed Commission:

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